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Effective Trainings that Increase the Awareness of Participants as Individuals, Teams and Organizations with Academic & Practical Methods

Face to Face & Online Trainings


1.Strategic Thinking
2.Strategic Planning
3.Strategic Marketing
4.Design Thinking & Product Management
5.Customer Centricity
6.Customer Experience
7.Employee Experience
8.Making Sense of Data
9.How To ‘Unlearn’
10.Innovation & Service Innovation
11.Collaborative Intelligence
12.CRM & CEM

13. Applied ‘Agile Business Case’

14. Strategic Project Management

15. Change& Transformation  Management
16. Marketing Research
17. Market Oriented Segmentation
18. Creating a Personal Strategy
19. Strategy in the World of VUCA & BANI 
20.  Prioritization Management
21. Agile Leadership 
22. Data-Driven Management
23. Strategy Management with OKR 
24. Omnichannel Marketing
25. Transition from Strategy to Sustainability 

Common Features in Trainings

  • Teamwork for 12-24 People, 3 or 4 Teams

  • Interactive, Question/Answer, Discussions, Book awards

  • Duration: 09.30-16.30; as 4 modules

  • Projection, Flipchart, U Form, Round table

  • Presentation PDF is given, link is given for the Toolkit

  • Online Exclusive;

  • Zoom, Teams, Webex, Google Meet

  • Interactive Whiteboard, Teamwork with Breakout Rooms

  • Studies

  • 20% Additional Discount




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