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Special Design Speeches serving a Purpose according to Briefs, Interactive Speeches about Business & Life

Keynote Contents

1.Unlearning and Letting Go of What We Know - «Unlearn»
2.Managing the Dynamics of Change and Transformation
3.Growing with Strategy in Crisis Times
4.Transforming to «Good to Great» Company
5.Protecting from or Use of Artificial Intelligence
6.Doing Business with the Customer at the Center
7.Monetization – Finding the Trail of Money
8.Doing Collective Work with Agile Teams

9.Being Ready for 2030 Megatrends from today

10. 2030 Megatrends and their Impact on the Business World

11. Characteristics of Right Brained (CEM) & Left-Brained (CRM) Companies

12. Leading Based on Performance in the New Era

13. Business Management in the Generation Z Economy

14. How to Become a "Hidden Champion"

15. Making a Difference with Customer Experience

16. Don't Wait for your Second Chance, Create It!

17. Effective Pricing in an Inflationary Environment

18. How to Do Hyper Growth

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