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Special Design and Output for the Needs of Organizations, Workshops & Call Meetings & Moderation

Workshop Contents

1.Creating the Strategic Roadmap with Common Mind
2. Strategic Marketing & Positioning Roadmap
3.Conference Call & Moderation
4.Preparation of Sustainability Roadmap by Measurement in accordance with Global Criterias 
5.Product Management Culture
6.Customer Experience Design & Management

7.Expansion Plan of Cultural Transformation


8. Board of Directors & C-Level Compliance Study

9. Data Interpretation & Data Set Design

10. Future Design with Artificial Intelligence and Prioritization

11. Roadmap to become a "Hidden Champion"

12. Differentiation Roadmap in Service Marketing

13. Development of Hyper Growth Strategy

14. Agile Implementation of Strategy with OKR 

15. Employee Experience Design

Common Features in Workshops

  • Teamwork for 10-30 People, 3 or 4 Teams

  • Interactive, Question/Answer, Discussions, Book awards

  • Duration: 09.00-17.00; sometimes long day

  • Projection, Flipchart, U Form, Round table

  • Workshop Outputs and Report

  • Need-specific content and concrete outputs after the ‘Brief'

  • Real life examples, less slides, more practice

  • Individual → Team → Institutional Integrity

  • Academically sound, strong in Practice

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