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Dr. Hakan TETİK

Collectivist; Strategy, Sustainability, Customer and Transformation Expert

10+ Koç University

Leadership Development Center

35+ years of Experience

200K+ Student

I provide service in 4 languages

I am different in 4 subjects

I specialized in main functions at school

I find 4 core competencies critical

Dr. Hakan TETİK

4x4 Trainer, Consultant and Speaker;

I Never Let You Down

I'm here to help you with everything from making strategic decisions to developing your skills. By leveraging my expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry, you'll get real solutions and real results.  



I am Hakan Tetik. I was born in 1968 in Bursa. After completing my primary and secondary education in Germany, I graduated from Istanbul Technical University, department of Computer Engineering. Afterwards, I received my Master's degree (MBA) from Marmara University, department of Business Administration in German and my doctorate degree (PhD) in Business Administration/Marketing from Işık University in 2008. More...


About the real world of business...


Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Product Management...


Change, Transformation...


Product Management Innovation

Strategy is actually an easily consumed word and it is not used and addressed in the way it should be...

Product Management Innovation

Product management is the process by which products and their specific features are created at ...

Customer Experience Management

It refers to the total value your customers give to your brand in line with their relationship with your brand at each...

Design Thinking

Strategy is actually a word that is easily consumed and is not used and addressed as it should be…

Customer Orientation

It is a competition philosophy that extends throughout the company, with the customer at its center; customer-oriented business…

Unlearn / Forget What You Know

Unlearn is to set aside what we know and prepare for new wisdom...




Turbo Technology,
4Biz Consultancy,
MDM (Customer Experience Center)



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