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Unlearn means being able to put aside what we know. It is the ability to forget and let go of things. It is the stage of preparation for new experiences, projects and tasks by putting aside your existing knowledge. 

The pioneer of this movement is Alvin Toffler. He is a seminal and inspiring figure on this subject. 


Learn to unlearn then relearn!

Alvin Toffler


Unlearning cannot be planned. It may or may not happen. The real issue is what you will do after unlearning. With the new mind and self you have after unlearning, the new things you will achieve or do can result positively or negatively and these new things can only be planned. 

The biggest problem experienced by people or institutions that have not unlearned is programming new processes or works with past experiences. In such a rapidly changing world, you need more than your past knowledge or experience to be ready for the future. Especially you need to put aside what you know and get rid of prejudices. That's why I often encounter the question "where should I unlearn"; "we should unlearn at points where we are autonomous and stick to our past knowledge and experience". 

Another important point to keep in mind:


90% of our lives are spent autonomously (doing the same actions, the same things). This is an unconscious awareness. 

Dr. Hakan Tetik

To watch videos on this subject, please Click here.

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