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Global The New Normal


In today's world ,globalization is  no longer just an option, but a necessity. Regardless of the industry you operate in, going global is now the key to success. Globalization is becoming a concept that is being adopted not only by large companies, but also by small and medium-sized enterprises. In this article, I want to explore why globalization should be our new normal and how we can change the way we do business.

In the past, it was enough to be successful on the local market. But today, with the development of the internet and technology, borders have disappeared and the world has become one huge market. In this new era, we are competing not only with competitors in our neighborhood, but also with companies all over the world. It has therefore become imperative to think and act globally. Globalization has redefined the way we do business, our customer base and even our business culture. One of the biggest benefits of globalization is the ability to serve the world market. Imagine being able to offer your products or services to customers all over the world, not just in the local market. This increases your customer base and allows you to generate more revenue. Take, for example, a software company. This company can not only serve customers in its own country, but also a wide range of customers from America to Asia, from Europe to Africa. This allows the company to grow faster and more sustainably. Of course, a global company is not without its challenges. It may be necessary to deal with different cultures, different expectations and different legal regulations. However, with the right strategies, these challenges can be overcome and turned into great opportunities. For example, you can overcome these challenges with strategies such as creating multilingual customer service teams to overcome language barriers or developing products and services for different markets.

Brands such as Amazon, Trendyol and Alibaba are prime examples of the importance and benefits of globalization. Amazon started as an online book selling site in the US and quickly became a global e-commerce giant. Amazon is not only present in the US, but also in Europe, Asia and many other parts of the world and has made the most of the opportunities offered by globalization. Trendyol, on the other hand, started as an e-commerce platform based in Turkey but continued its growth through global partnerships such as Alibaba and expanded into international markets. Alibaba, a China-based company, has a large global reach in e-commerce and technology. These brands are excellent examples of how globalization offers great opportunities and success in business.

Globalization not only expands your market, it also changes the way you do business. For example, companies with a global perspective are more successful in developing innovative and creative solutions. Teams from different cultures offer different perspectives and creative solutions. This increases the company's competitiveness and makes it distinctive in the market. Globalization promotes innovation and continuous improvement in business. In addition, globalization offers companies more opportunities to grow vertically. Vertical growth means deepening the existing business model and adding different products or services. For example, a technology company that is successful in the global market can extend that success to different verticals. A company that develops software can also expand its business model by offering hardware products or consulting services. Such vertical growth strategies not only increase the company's revenue, but also give it a stronger position in the market. If you remember, only large companies used to think globally. But thanks to technology and the internet, even a small business can now reach a global customer base. A friend of mine started selling handmade jewelry from her home on Etsy, and in a short time she was able to expand her business by gaining customers from America, Europe and Asia. To me, this is a great example of the power and importance of globalization.

Globalization is also changing our culture of doing business. Respect for other cultures, appreciation of other perspectives and the promotion of diversity have become decisive factors for success in business. Companies that act with a global perspective are more flexible, innovative and inclusive. This increases both employee satisfaction and customer loyalty. Let's say you run a café. Not only can you serve customers locally, but you can also sell coffee beans worldwide via online sales channels. From Italy to Brazil, from Japan to Canada, you can reach coffee lovers all over the world and offer them specialty coffees. This not only increases your revenue, but can also turn your brand into a global café chain. Globalization takes your business beyond local borders and onto the world stage.

In summary, globalization should be the new normal in business. With a global perspective, you can not only reach a larger customer base, but also change the way you do business, your culture and your strategies. To take advantage of the opportunities of globalization, you need to be open-minded, flexible and innovative. Opening up to the world market offers you more customers, more sales and more opportunities for growth. Thinking and acting globally is therefore essential for sustainable success in the business world. Globalization should be our new normal!

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