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Let's pay attention to people who come to the same workplace every day, have similar incomes, and whose lives are close to each other... How can some of us always come to work happy, while some of us always come to work unhappy? Why do some of us get stuck in the problems we experience in our daily work, while others can overcome them more easily? Or everything else aside; how can some of us manage to laugh more often than others, while some of us forget to laugh in our lives?

I thought about this issue a lot, made a lot of observations, read a lot of research and watched myself. So what did I find? I think some people have an “internal combustion engine”; some people don't!

People with an “internal combustion engine” never run out of energy, their engines instantly start up and give them energy. Their fuel never runs out because their fuel is their hopes, dreams and tomorrow. Yes, people who have dreams for tomorrow, that is, people who have fuel, live today more easily, even if they fall, they get up more easily; they inspire other people and even spread energy to those around them. They are always there; they are sought and found by other people! Everyone feels better around them and wants to chat and spend time with them. These people do not exaggerate the problems they experience in their daily lives, they do not like the impossible and do their best – they always strive and have "good" intentions for themselves. They have a letter of intent, a tiny contract with life; they manage this partnership successfully in a win-win relationship – they know how to deal with what life brings, both the good and the bad.

So what happens to people who don't have an "internal combustion engine"? They live, they seem happy, they get very tired, they are jealous of those around them, they blame others for their failures; they think negatively and do not accept life as it is. That's why they lose a lot of energy and consume their fuel very quickly. It is more difficult for them to replace this fuel, they get more tired, they are successful, but they always think that they pay a higher price. People without an “internal combustion engine” make small jobs big, they make what they do big, they need someone to fuel them – so they expect applause. When they are not self-sufficient, they have difficulty and become attached to someone or something.

When you wake up in the morning, please wake up to your dreams, nourish your hopes and prepare yourself for tomorrow. Do not consume your fuel, always add new fuel, keep the tank full and do not tire your engine too much 😊

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