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Tere is a question I often ask people in my trainings and speeches: Are you busy?

To this question, the majority of people say "Yes, I'm busy". Some of them have the dilemma of what to say and prefer to say "I'm busy too" in the end. There may also be occasional people who say "I'm not busy". I immediately ask another question to people who can say "I'm not busy": “Why? Are you working less?”. Unfortunately, this question can often make them feel uneasy.

I think this dilemma is an assumption that comes from peer pressure. I think that the perception that everyone has to be very busy and that there will not be enough time is given as peer pressure. I think that people cannot manage their lives properly and that is why they cannot prioritize their work and spend their time on things that they may regret later…So, what do you think "I'm too busy" actually means?

Doesn't it mean "I'm drowning in my operational world, I can't actually control my time, I can't spend much of my time on the things I love – yes, I occasionally do something like a movie, a match, a walk, but I do it without realizing it"?There may be an opportunity for improvement here – could our choices have led us to this point? Doesn't it mean, "I'm saving today, but I can't learn from what I've learned or my mistakes and I can't improve both my work and my life to live better"?

I think the problem is not in time but in prioritization!

A video I watched recently inspired me to write this article. The video says “time is priceless”. I think there may be some who perceive this message as time being FREE, and there may be others who perceive it as time is VERY VALUABLE. For those who spend their time on beautiful things, time passes so quickly that they appreciate it; on the contrary, for those who waste their time, time can pass so slowly that they can become bored. Isn't this dilemma very interesting? Social media, smartphones, endless TV series and their long commercial breaks, long hours spent in traffic, all this time will never come back! I guess if time was money we would spend it more carefully!

yoğun insanlar

I realized that I always say "If time was for sale, I would buy it". In my trainings and speeches, my students and listeners often ask me "Aren't you busy?". If you're wondering what I'm saying: "I'm fast-paced, not busy!" I say… For me, being fast-paced means spending your time prioritizing the right things, being able to say "What a beautiful moment" at the times you enjoy, and increasing the times that help me see the good things in my life. Can I succeed 100 percent? NEVER! But on this path, I try to listen carefully to myself and my feelings and to appreciate what I experience. Isn't time a limited thing? Don't we have very little time to spend with beautiful things? Let's try to spare everyone's time for the things they love, let's rediscover the values that makes us who we are and nurture them! May you always have a good time, may your life be full ☺️

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