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Change Repairs the Past; Transformation Creates the Future !


In recent years, everyone claims that they are trying to change, individuals are very keen on change, and organizations say that they have to change "to keep up with the times". Most of the time, these "huge" projects that start with good intentions cannot be realized or "considerable" money is thrown away!

I have been observing these for many years and trying to warn businesses not to do this. Change is already a very popular word and it is attractive enough for everyone to buy it – so all individuals state that they want change and will support it; but then very few of them realize what it could cost, and that's when they usually turn away – they try to find a way out.

I witness that the work for change is often limited by what is known today – we focus on designing changes according to today, but aren't the conditions very dynamic? So, when we try to change compared to today and say we have completed the full change, won't the market be different anyway? Could it be that just when we say we are ready, we have undergone the wrong change or even become unable to do what we do best?

Change therefore merely obtains a better derivative of the present; so you get a little better than today! Competition is not like that anymore; there are many examples where players from outside the common sectors change the entire market dynamics, we only know some of them or sometimes experience them in daily life. Change is not enough! We are in a period when everyone needs to transform for the future, starting with individuals!

Transformation begins with the individual, develops in teams and finds its place in organizations!

It is necessary to focus on individuals and generations; producing common sense is much more important than marginalizing. Each generation has something to learn from the other, each individual can add value to the other – in fact, isn't 1+1 > 2 ?

In other words, there is a need more than ever for teams formed by individuals who know how to be a team, who are aware of their common values, and who have clear goals! Teams turn gears, they are the most micro level that enables things to be done or transformed, but it is very critical. I say give simple goals to teams, build good teams and manage them with goals.

Transforming at the organizational level is not easy! Beautiful sentences written at a high level cannot achieve transformation; teams and individuals must be convinced. If this is going to be a transformation, everyone should be ready to forget everything they know – then start learning again and if the transformation is not managed by the top level, unfortunately the transformation will be difficult and then the end is near.

Change is about the past, even though we claim to think about tomorrow, we actually hope to get to tomorrow by thinking about what we know today. However, transformation is about existing in the future – whether you are an individual, a team or an organization : TRANSFORM !!!

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